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Thu. Jan 2nd 2020
Response SB in quarters per car 58
Wed. Dec 25th 2019
Response, 3014, OIC 30, 30B, 30ARescue assist
Sun. Dec 22nd 2019
Response 3011,, 3014 OIC 30MA from Co 23
Sat. Dec 21st 2019
Response 3014 OIC 30Assist Mohonk Preserve, SO, SP, MobileLife
Fri. Dec 13th 2019
Response 3010, 3014 OIC 30
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Sat. Apr 25th 2020
Recruit NY Open House April 25,2020. An opportunity to learn more about the Volunteer Fire Servicein your community. 9:00AM to 12:00PM at the High falls Firehouse. 1 Firehouse Rd High falls, NY 1244...
Tue. Dec 10th 2019
The High Falls Fire Company held their annual meeting..The Fire company elected the following officers. President , John Skip Marks, Vice President, Donald LaFera,Secretary ,Katiellen Madden Treasur...
Sat. Dec 7th 2019
High Falls Fire Department · December 7 · Santa will be stopping by the station and gave us the "thumbs up" for this weekend!!! Santa will be touring the Fire District on Satu...
Sun. Nov 3rd 2019
The High Falls Fire Company semi annual Breakfast Buffet is happening November 3, 2019. Come and celebrate the time change, fall colorsand great breakfast food.
Sat. Sep 14th 2019
In spite of scattered showers and soggy greens, 21 teams arrived at the Wiltwick Golf Club in Kingston, NY to participate in the annual Charles Haas Scholarship golf tournament fundraiser outing. The...

When Charlie Haas was a young boy, he told his father that he wanted to be a fire fighter.

Most childhood dreams fade, however, for Charlie, this dream was to become an ambition,

and ambition to become reality. 
 Charlie Haas' life was fire fighting. Charlie never made a secret of his 
love for fire fighting and his dedication did not go unnoticed. He joined the 
High Falls Fire Department at age 16. After almost two years of training, 
Charlie became one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated fire fighters in 
Ulster County. Charlie enlisted in the Air Force as a Fire Fighter Specialist 
and from there he planned to become a professional firefighter with great 
 Outside of fire fighting, Charlie's friends found him comical and just 
generally fun to be around. Charlie was a loyal friend and is greatly missed 
by those who knew him. 
 On February 17, 1981, Charles Haas was killed while fighting a fire 
that ended a promising career before it had really begun. He died doing 
what he loved most. He died a hero. 


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